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How to Replace a Bathtub

replace bathtubBathtubs experience frequent use, and can become quite worn or dated looking over time. Because they can look like the residence of the creature from the black lagoon even when properly cleaned, they are often a frustration for homeowners, prompting the assessment of DIY remodeling skills. Figuring out how to replace a bathtub is possible, however it is important to ensure you have the plumbing, carpentry, drywall, and tiling expertise necessary prior to taking on this herculean task.

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4 Plumbing Basics Homeowners Should Know

12769895_sEvery homeowner should know plumbing basics so that there’s less mystery when water problems do occur. Gravity and pressure are two of the most fundamental concepts of plumbing, which is comprised of two separate subsystems.  The supply system allows fresh water in, while the drainage system forces waste water out. Knowing that water seeks its own level helps demystify plumbing systems. Below are some of the most important plumbing basics for homeowners to know.

1. Main Shut-off Valve

It’s a good idea to know where the main shutoff valve is in case of an emergency. Water coming into your home is under pressure, measured by a meter, which is usually in close proximity with the main shutoff valve. Knowing how to shut off this valve quickly can save your property from a flood caused by a broken pipe. 

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