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How to Resolve Basement Floor Drain Backup

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Marcin from ExpressRooter, the official contractor for Mike Holmes, is here to address some of the common questions that many homeowners ask.

How to Resolve Basement Floor Drain Backup

A question that home owners often ask is, my basement floor drain is backing up when I use the water in the house, what do I do? Here are some ideas and first steps that need to be taken when dealing with a floor drain.

The sanitary line that runs underneath the basement floor is connected to the city waterlines, taking all of the discharge water from your house. If that line develops a problem such as grease buildup, tree root buildup, or any other form of drain buildup, the water will start backing up in the house and the basement floor drain is usually the first point where the water will come up. Keep in mind that as the water backups it takes the path of least resistance. Even if you have other fixtures in the basement such as a laundry sink, toilet, or perhaps a kitchen sink, the water will have more resistance coming through those fixtures than the floor drain. The floor drain is at the lowest elevation and is wide open, having absolutely no resistance for the water to backup. When that happens, stop using all the water in the house because whatever you flush upstairs will end up in the basement through that floor drain.

The first step you need to take is minimize the water usage and the second step is to call a professional plumber as they have the right tools to solve that problem. Some of these tools include: an electric snake, power flushing machine and a video camera. These tools are necessary to properly diagnose the problem, solve the problem, and give you a full understanding of what’s happening below ground level.

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